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Direct Exposure to Carbon Credits

  • One of the only ways to invest directly in the potential long-term appreciation of carbon credits
  • Studies indicate that significantly higher carbon prices are needed by 2030 to meet the temperature targets of the Paris Agreement
  • As more companies commit to becoming carbon neutral (zero net carbon emissions), demand for carbon credits will increase and potentially could lead to higher prices
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Diversified Portfolio of Carbon Credits

  • Exposure to select compliance carbon markets and the voluntary carbon market
  • Streaming arrangements provide potential price appreciation without the operational risks
  • Aim to provide exposure to various carbon offset projects, including renewable energy, reforestation and improved forest management
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Opportunity to Hedge Your Carbon Exposure or Offset Your Carbon Footprint

  • Companies and Governments can hedge their carbon credit exposure through investment
  • Investors can effectively offset their carbon footprint through investment
  • Provides an investment vehicle for companies to become carbon neutral, while also potentially generating a return
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Experienced Management Team & Advisory Board

  • Management team and Board with significant experience raising capital and arranging streaming contracts
  • Assembled an advisory board of leading experts in carbon markets and carbon offsets projects
  • Low overhead expenses
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