Our Approach

Carbon Streaming aims to accelerate a net-zero future through the creation and expansion of high-integrity carbon credit projects that have positive impacts on the environment, local communities and biodiversity. We are at the forefront of climate action through the use of streaming transactions. Through long-term partnerships which align our interests, our innovative approach supports projects that generate genuine and additional emission reductions and removals, while also advancing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A carbon credit stream is a contractual agreement whereby Carbon Streaming makes an upfront deposit in return for rights to future carbon credits generated by a project. Carbon Streaming also makes an additional ongoing delivery payment per-carbon credit to the project partner when the carbon credits are sold. Typically, the majority of revenue from credit sales flows back to the project partner, the project and the local communities.

Project Partners

We take a long-term view with our streams and seek to cultivate relationships with project partners measured in decades and founded on our shared goal to be instrumental in the transition to a sustainable, net-zero future. We structure investments to align our interests with our partners with a shared participation in revenue from credits sales.  Carbon Streaming often assumes responsibility for the sales and marketing of the credits under a stream; thereby providing the project partner with a sales channel to monetize the credits from the project.

For those wishing to send us information on your carbon credit project, complete this project submission form.  

Benefits to Project Partners
  • Delivers upfront cash to project
  • Ongoing payments for life of project
  • Sales channel to monetize carbon credits
  • Maximum value sought for credit sales with revenue share structure
  • Ability to create or accelerate tangible co-benefits when possible
  • Minimal constraints on the operator

Carbon Credit Buyers

Carbon credits are seen as a complementary tool to be used alongside broader decarbonization efforts of corporations, organizations and individuals as they pursue their net-zero or carbon-neutral goals. Carbon Streaming offers carbon credit buyers a diversified portfolio of high-quality carbon credits with confidence of future supply. In addition, typically a portion of the sales price flows back to the project and the local communities, so a buyer can have confidence that its funds are being used to advance climate action and additional SDGs.

For those interested in purchasing carbon credits, please contact us to learn more.

Benefits to Carbon Credit Buyers
  • Majority of  purchase price flows to projects and local communities
  • Investment-grade due diligence
  • Diverse and long-term supply of credits
  • Carbon credits with additional sustainable benefits
  • Access to new project types as portfolio grows
  • Transparency provided as Carbon Streaming is a public company

The Carbon Streaming team is highly qualified and experienced. I have found them to be accessible and supportive partners. Our philosophy has always been to invest early and often in community development initiatives and Carbon Streaming also shares our values and facilitates community involvement and development with their financing model.

Carbon Streaming is the perfect funding partner, because instead of wanting us to churn out credits cheaply and quickly, they wanted a project developer focused on impact driven projects, projects that deliver more than just credits. They understood that quality and impact was the core goal. They’ve been extremely approachable and supportive throughout and we’ve formed a genuine partnership.

By purchasing verified emissions reductions that support communities to address health, economic, and social issues, carbon buyers can make vital contributions to greater climate resilience.

We are thrilled to partner with Carbon Streaming to accelerate growth, increase capacity, enroll more members and scale emissions reductions across Quebec and Ontario. Carbon Streaming’s investment gives us the additional funding to engage thousands more Canadian SMEs in climate action today.

Typically, projects do not budget for early community initiatives during the development phase. Often, any significant community initiative is budgeted from carbon revenues after the development phase. Carbon Streaming understood the value of advancing this work during the development phase, which was a key consideration in MarVivo choosing to work with them.

Carbon Streaming’s innovative climate financing allows us to leverage our considerable expertise to provide enrolled farmers with tools to farm more sustainably and reduce methane emissions.

We are very pleased and excited to enter this new relationship with Carbon Streaming. We believe biochar and renewable energy are important strategies for addressing climate change, and carbon finance through Carbon Streaming will help enable company expansion. The international reach that Carbon Streaming provides will enable us to grow well into the future.

We are pleased to collaborate with Carbon Streaming as we bring this exciting project to life. Our vision for building biochar production through win-win partnerships with leading lumber mills provides a clear and realistic path to scale. This innovative funding from Carbon Streaming fills a critical role in enabling us to build our first pilot plant using this model.