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At Carbon Streaming, we aim to accelerate a net-zero future. We pioneered the use of streaming transactions, a proven and flexible funding model, to scale high-integrity carbon credit projects to advance global climate action and additional United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This approach aligns our strategic interests with those of project partners to create long-term relationships built on a shared commitment to sustainability and accountability and positions us as a trusted source for buyers seeking high-quality carbon credits.

Board of Directors
Maurie Swan
Chairman and Chair of the Corporate Governance, Nominating and Sustainability Committee
Justin Cochrane
Founder, President & CEO
Candace MacGibbon
Director and Chair of the Audit Committee
Alice Schroeder
Director and Chair of the Compensation Committee
Our Team
Justin Cochrane
Founder, President & CEO
Conor Kearns
Chief Financial Officer
Alec Kushnir
EVP, Investments & Origination
Derek Sawkins
EVP, Investments & Strategy
VP, Finance
Erin Horleman
VP, Commercial Strategy
Kathryn Samaras
VP, Legal & Corporate Secretary
Zander Sebenius
VP, Investments
Jonathan Beck
Director, Investments
Naazia Ebrahim
Director, Technical & Carbon Projects
Brent Sawkins
Director, Investments & Corporate Development
Sr. Manager, Sales and Marketing Systems and Analytics
Senior Financial Analyst

Corporate Governance

The members of the Board of Directors have the responsibility to oversee the conduct of the business of Carbon Streaming Corporation (the “Company”) and to oversee the activities of management who are responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the business. Carbon Streaming maintains high standards of integrity and accountability, and seeks to mitigate risk and protect shareholders when operating its business. The Company considers environmental, social and governance issues when making decisions and implementing its strategy.

The Board of Directors of the Company has established three committees:

Candace MacGibbon (Chair)
Alice Schroeder
Maurice Swan

Alice Schroeder (Chair)
Candace MacGibbon
Maurice Swan
Corporate Governance, Nominating and
Sustainability Committee
Maurice Swan (Chair)
Candace MacGibbon
Alice Schroeder

Please click on the links below to access our Corporate Governance documents:

Governance Documents