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  • EU ETS Compliance Market
  • WCI Compliance Market
  • RGGI Compliance Market

Carbon Streaming is actively pursuing streaming arrangements with individuals, companies and governments to stream carbon credits from their assets or properties. We intend to provide investors with a diversified portfolio of carbon credit streams for long-term appreciation without the operational risk. We intend to participate in both the voluntary and compliance carbon markets, and also may make investments related to carbon credits.

We are focused on streams from high quality projects accredited by third-parties, some of which may offer other environmental co-benefits (e.g. biodiversity or water conservation) and benefit local communities.

Streams offer several benefits to Carbon Streaming:

  • No operational responsibility
  • Potential value appreciation with purchase terms of credits set at initial transaction date
  • Encumbrance on the property or asset provides security
  • Independent verification with established buffer pools protect against accidental damage or lost