40 Years of U.S. Wildfires in One Chart

In recent years, the devastating impact of wildfires has become increasingly evident, with rising temperatures exacerbating the intensity and widespread nature of these natural disasters.

Earlier this month, we announced our third carbon credit stream with Mast Reforestation (“Mast”), a leading end-to-end reforestation company. Through our pipeline streaming agreement with Mast, we aim to advance its pipeline of post-wildfire reforestation projects in the Western U.S.

This latest stream covers the Baccala Ranch Reforestation Project in California to restore 523 acres that were severely burned by the Dixie Fire in 2021. The project is expected to remove approximately 91,500 tCO2e and generate an equivalent number of carbon credits. 

We also have entered into carbon credit streams with Mast on the Sheep Creek Reforestation Project in Montana and the Feather River Reforestation Project in California. By implementing proven reforestation techniques alongside innovative technologies, Mast aims to regenerate healthy, resilient forests capable of withstanding future climate challenges. Through our carbon credit streams, we’re not only supporting the mitigation of carbon emissions but also the protection of natural ecosystems for generations to come.

To highlight the increased severity of wildfires, we’ve teamed up with Visual Capitalist to visually depict four decades (1983-2023) of wildfire activity in the U.S. This infographic sheds light on the escalating severity of wildfires and underscores the pressing need for collective action.

Together with Mast, we aim to make a difference in the fight against climate change and wildfire devastation.

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