Reflecting on Climate Action and the Role of Carbon Credits

Today marks Earth Day, a global event that has been celebrated since 1970, uniting billions of people across the globe in a collective effort to protect our planet. As we mark this occasion, it’s important to reflect on our progress in the battle against climate change.
While governments around the world have pledged their commitment to the objectives of the Paris Agreement, it’s evident that their efforts fall short of what is required to mitigate the impacts of climate change effectively. To limit global warming to 1.5°C and prevent catastrophic consequences, we need to reduce global emissions by as much as 45% by 2030.
In collaboration with Visual Capitalist, we developed an infographic highlighting the pivotal role that carbon credits can play in bridging this emissions gap and mobilizing private sector capital to where it is needed.

Here at Carbon Streaming, we’re financing high-integrity carbon credit projects that are making an impact today in climate change mitigation while also advancing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through our investments, we aim to drive meaningful progress towards a more sustainable future.

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