The Global Need for Clean Cooking Fuels

Currently, over 2 billion people globally lack access to clean cooking fuels, instead depending on coal, kerosene, wood and charcoal for their cooking needs. These fuels, however, have deleterious impacts on human health, climate and the environment, leading to millions of premature deaths each year and contributing significantly to global emissions and forest degradation. 

Carbon Streaming’s Community Carbon project brings fuel-efficient cooking solutions to millions of households in Sub-Saharan Africa by distributing cleaner cookstoves in Mozambique, Uganda and Tanzania. It also supports the distribution of safe water filtration systems in Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda and Zambia. 

We have partnered with Visual Capitalist to map the number of people without access to clean cooking alternatives, regionally, according to data from the World Health Organization.

You can learn more about Carbon Streaming’s Community Carbon project and how it’s helping lower the global reliance on harmful cooking fuels on our website.  You can also purchase carbon credits from this project to help contribute to safer cooking and water in Africa.

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