Watch the Progress at the Sheep Creek Reforestation Project

As cities across the US and Canada are engulfed in unprecedented wildfire smoke and this month has seen the 10 hottest days ever recorded, it is easy to feel discouraged about humanity’s prospects of mitigating climate change. Yet, at Carbon Streaming, we remain hopeful due to our incredible project partners who work tirelessly to develop carbon projects around the world.

In partnership with Mast Reforestation (“Mast”), Carbon Streaming is proud to showcase a short film that brings life to the story of the Sheep Creek Reforestation project, the first project under our streaming agreement with Mast for post-wildfire reforestation projects in the Western USA.

Mast is the first and only vertically integrated reforestation company, combining proven reforestation practices with new technology to regrow healthy, fire-resilient, climate-adapted forests.

The film highlights how carbon removal projects in North America deliver co-benefits – for biodiversity and local communities – in addition to carbon sequestration.

Produced by Mast Films.

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