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Project Summary

The Cerrado Biome Project is an Avoided Planned Grassland Conversion grouped REDD+ project located in the Cerrado biome, the main breadbasket of Brazil. The Cerrado biome is the second largest biome in Brazil and is considered one of the most biodiverse savannah regions in the world. The Project aims to protect and preserve native forests and grasslands in this highly threatened ecosystem due to the expansion of commercial agriculture. Since 1985, the Cerrado biome has lost 46.8% of its native vegetation to agriculture.

Cerrado Biome Map

Ecosystem Regeneration Associates – ERA Brazil (“ERA”), whose mission is to accelerate ecosystem conservation and catalyze regenerative agricultural systems in Brazil, designed and is developing the Cerrado Biome Project as a REDD+ grouped project. ERA plans to scale up the Project by offering landholders with surplus native vegetation a new innovative alternative to commercial agriculture and instead receive sustainable revenue through the generation of carbon credits.

The Project currently consists of two parcels of land covering approximately 11 thousand hectares. These initial two parcels are expected to generate 0.1 million carbon credits per year. With the investment from Carbon Streaming, ERA intends to build its organizational capacity to scale the Cerrado Biome Project to achieve their goal of generating as many as half a million credits per year.

Impact Highlights

Ecosystem Conservation Ecosystem Conservation Ecosystem Conservation

Prevent the planned conversion of native vegation to commercial argiculture in the Cerrado Biome in Brazil.

Ecosystem Conservation
Protection of Biodiversity Protection of Biodiversity Protection of Biodiversity

Preservation of threatened species which are rapidly losing their natural habitats due to agricultural expansion.

Protection of Biodiversity
Community Benefits Community Benefits Community Benefits

Offering communities agroforestry training and technical assistance, seedlings, and educational programs.

Community Benefits

Ecosystem Conservation

The Cerrado biome is known as the “inverted forest” due to the huge and deep-dwelling root-system of its native vegetation (storing considerable amounts of carbon). It is also the birthplace of key springs that feed major watersheds in Brazil and Latin America, including the largest aquifer of the continent, the Guarani. Unfortunately, it is under significant threat due to expanding commercial agriculture (soy, corn) and cattle ranching with natural habitats disappearing roughly 2.5 faster than the neighboring Amazon biome. The image below perfectly highlights this process of natural vegetation being rolled back by commercial agriculture.

Cerrado Biome

Private landholders in the Cerrado biome are legally required to preserve a small percentage of the vegetation on their land, meaning that any surplus vegetation above this legally imposed baseline is exposed to planned conversion. The Project will actively work to preserve the native forests and grasslands within the region by protecting the vegetation on private property that may otherwise eventually be converted to agricultural use. Moreover, a portion of revenue derived from the Project will be used to promote activities to protect the natural landscape, including fire prevention, education, water quality monitoring, and production of native seedlings.

The Project will be verified through Verra, under the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), and has adopted the SOCIALCARBON Standard, a framework developed in Brazil by the Ecológica Institute, to monitor social, environmental, and economic co-benefit activities provided by the Project.

For additional information on the REDD Cerrado Project (RCP), please visit their website at

Community Benefits

The Cerrado Biome Project will not only provide an economic boost for landholders, but also local communities, as a portion of future carbon revenues under the carbon credit stream will be re-invested locally to support local communities by providing environmental education and development of professional skills, such as monitoring activities, fire brigade, agroforestry systems, etc. In addition, the Project will promote research initiatives and workers safety improvements.

Protection of Biodiversity

The Cerrado biome acts as a refuge to a number of species that can only be found in this region of the world. Many of the species that live in the biome, such as the Jaguar, Giant Armadillo and Maned Wolf, are threatened by agricultural expansion and their populations continue to decline. The Project will help preserve these species’ natural habitat while also implementing activities to help protect the region’s biodiversity. These activities include preservation of endangered species, water quality monitoring, and biodiversity monitoring. Highlighted here are just some of the Cerrado’s unique native creatures.

Protection of Biodiversity
Near Threatened
  • Jaguars
  • Maned Wolves
  • Tapirs
  • Macaws
  • Giant Armadillos
  • Giant Anteater

Carbon Credit Stream

Carbon Streaming Corporation has agreed to make a US$512,258 investment with ERA to develop and expand the Cerrado Biome Project. Approximately US$250,000 has been paid, which is to be followed by two separate payments at specific project milestones during development, implementation, validation and verification. The Company’s expectation is that the Project will generate an average of approximately 0.5 million carbon credits per year over its 30-year project life, with initial generation of approximately 0.1 million carbon credits per year.