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Carbon Streaming is a unique ESG principled investment vehicle offering investors exposure to carbon credits, a key instrument used by both governments and corporations to achieve their carbon neutral and net-zero climate goals. We provide investors a way to invest in a low carbon future.

We believe the world’s focus on climate change is at an inflection point. Governments are including climate policies in their budgets and increasing their emissions reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement. Corporations are announcing plans to be “net-zero” or “carbon neutral” by 2050 to align themselves with the goals of the Paris Agreement, with some having aggressive plans to achieve this goal by 2030. Shareholders and regulators are asking companies to disclose and address climate risk in their operations. Consumers are seeking goods and services with minimal or no carbon footprint, and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Many companies, particularly those in high-emitting industries, may need to rely on carbon credits to achieve their climate targets on their path to decarbonization.  Whether due to geographical, economic or technological constraints, some companies will be unable to achieve their climate goals through elimination and reduction alone in the near term. Although carbon credits are not a substitute for innovation and efficiency improvements that reduce or eliminate emissions, they are an important alternative to fill technological and timing gaps in order for a company to manage reputational risk around emission targets and climate risk disclosure while it is on the path to net-zero. 

Carbon Streaming is focused on acquiring, managing and growing a high quality and diversified portfolio of investments in projects and/or companies that generate or are actively involved, directly or indirectly, with voluntary and/or compliance carbon credits. By offering innovative financing solutions, the Company aims to accelerate the world’s transition to a net-zero carbon future by bringing capital to projects that might not otherwise be developed. Many of these projects may also have significant social and economic co-benefits in addition to reducing emissions as the Company aspires to make a sustainable impact beyond climate action with certain investments.