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Carbon Streaming is an investment vehicle that offers investors exposure to carbon credits, a key instrument being used by both governments and corporations to achieve their climate goals. We provide investors a way to invest in a low carbon future.

We believe the world’s focus on climate change is at an inflection point. Governments are considering climate policies in their stimulus plans and revisiting their prior carbon emission commitments under the Paris Agreement. More corporations are announcing plans to be “net-zero” (zero net carbon emissions) by 2050 to align themselves with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, with some having aggressive plans to achieve this goal by 2030. Carbon emission objectives will become an integral part of more corporate growth strategies, whether required by shareholders or customers.

There are only three ways in which governments and corporations will be able to achieve these “net-zero” goals: 1) eliminate carbon emissions, 2) reduce carbon emissions and/or 3) offset carbon emissions with carbon credits. Whether due to geographical, economic or technological constraints, many will be unable to achieve their climate goals through elimination and reduction alone, which will lead to significant demand for carbon credits. 

Carbon Streaming intends to build a diverse portfolio of carbon credits. We will participate in both the compliance and voluntary markets. We also intend to offer carbon credit streaming arrangements to accelerate the creation of carbon offsets projects by bringing capital to projects that may otherwise not be developed.